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Why Rugby Is Great For Children

Rugby is an excellent sport for young children to take up, and the earlier the better. Children, both girls and boys, can take up rugby based classes such as Little Ruggers which is based around the South East of England. At Little Ruggers they can start to play from as young as 2 to 6 years of age and then further their rugby skills at a rugby club at age 6 onwards. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions regarding rugby for children as parents may worry that rugby is all about scrums rucks and mauls and most of all big hits. It is natural for a parent to worry about this aspect of the sport however all rugby up until the under 9 age group will be non-contact, usually playing tag rugby. This then takes away the worry of your little ones getting hurt and at this age group both girls and boys will flourish.

It has been shown in especially in New Zealand where children get involved with rugby at a younger age that girls and boys can become quite expert at the the basics of rugby before the age of 6 as shown at Little Ruggers Classes. This is because children at this age are like sponges and have the amazing ability to absorb the lessons learned. If a child then goes onto to join a rugby club then the clubs can work on more rugby honed skills rather than teaching the basics, essentially it’s a leap up for them to go on and achieve great things.

In the UK it seems the choices for team based sports is somewhat limited in the past for 2 to 5 year olds there were not many options available unless you chose to do football, however these days new activities based around rugby are springing up around the country which will inevitably get more children addicted to this great sport and increase the playing numbers in the country for both girls and boys sections.

Rugby is unique in that specific human qualities can be learned. It has been shown that rugby can help develop better concentration, discipline, tolerance and determination. They learn to work as a part of the team they are taught to respect the coaches and referees and thus learn great manners.

Rugby helps to build a healthy body, healthy mind and creativity is instilled in such a child who takes up the game at an early age and that child will often bloom into a player with an exceptional eye for opportunity.

Problem solving, learning to take tricky decision and having confidence becomes a lot more developed as anyone learns the game. Rugby has the power to help youths develop the capability of analysing and deducing some general principles of life while dealing with complicated problems often bolstering their developing mental, social and physical agility.

A Little Ruggers Class

Little Ruggers Classes are fun

Benefits of learning rugby for kids:

  • The moral and ethical level of a child is developed by rugby thanks to the rugby laws of the game.
  • Necessary challenges are offered by a game of rugby which is quite a good thing for those children seeking to exlore and test their ‘wings’.
  • Developmental thinking is be cultivated in a child through a game of rugby – especially social skills.
  • Underachievers are most likely to be helped by rugby which promotes healthy competition.
  • Rugby is able to teach a child about teamwork, boundaries, rules and/or responsibilities.
  • The communication power of the child is improved through playing rugby, as are various team skills.
  • The concentration level of a child is enhanced by rugby.
  • Powers of evaluation and analysis are developed and so is the ability to strategise.
  • Rugby incorporates discipline – control of emotions, anger and aggression is key.
  • A child learns that the game ends on the sports field – respect for the opponent is instilled.
  • Playing a game of rugby can give one a sense of accomplishment.
  • I’m told that critical thinking skills of a child can be developed too.
  • The spirit of sportsmanship is enhanced.
  • Kids can learn problem solving through rugby and develop their own unique style of play.
  • It helps youths gain confidence.
  • Different patterns of play need to be recognized and it’s necessary for tactics to be learned and be developed by the child.


So come on give your kids a headstart get them involved in Little Ruggers to get maximum benefit from sports and particularly in social and sporting skills. Contact Little Ruggers via their website

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Little Ruggers Rugby Based Play Classes Come To Hertfordshire

Little Ruggers

Little Ruggers

Most rugby clubs in the UK have a provision for mini rugby for children aged 6 to 7 onwards, however a relatively new phenomenon is the rise of rugby themed classes specifically aimed at the younger age groups from 18 months to 7 years of age.

It seems that if parents want to introduce their children to team sports then the options are limited from 2 to 7 years unless you choose a football based class.

This is about to change in Hertfordshire with the advent of Little Ruggers a Rugby themed play class utilizing the transferable skills of rugby whilst instilling confidence and social life skills though there curriculum. The curriculum has been designed by Rugby coaches, teachers and child development specialists.

Little Ruggers will be working with rugby clubs across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire to enable them to offer rugby at or near their clubs from age 2 to 7 years. This will benefit those clubs immensely by providing skilled and confident children entering mini rugby at age seven.

Some may have preconceptions of rugby being a rough and tough sport which it can be once children reach the under 9 age group at mini rugby. However at Little Ruggers age 2 to 7 years age it is an positively active and fun activity with no contact whatsoever. Little Ruggers is designed so that it will equally appeal to both girls and boys.

Little Ruggers Coach Jag Johal has extensive experience within rugby having played at Wasps, Moseley, Worcester Warriors and Tabard. Now back at his boyhood club Letchworth Rugby Club having served as first team captain for a number of season, he is now first team manager/player. In addition to still playing, Jag has also been actively involved with coaching mini rugby and his twin boys, who both play in the under 8s at Letchworth Rugby Club. Jag is very clear that to keep children entertained and within the sport of rugby then it has to be a fun and positive experience.

The fun at Little Ruggers is achieved using rugby specific skills, social skills and confidence building. It is believed that these skills can not only be developed further on the rugby field later on but also these are life skills which will be transferred into all other areas such as school and other sporting endeavors.

Jag goes on to explain that in New Zealand children are encouraged to participate in Rugby from around age four to five compared to age seven in the UK, which could be the reason for their huge success in the game. The Little Ruggers curriculum has been designed to address this gap in rugby skills by equipping children with the right skills to help give them a head start in not just rugby but all aspects of their lives. An alternative to football classes within this age group is here so get involved.

I think it is a good idea for children to be active from a young age. It instills a healthy lifestyle which they can take into there adult life. It is fantastic that there is a rugby alternative in place and rugby clubs in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas will now have the ability to offer rugby from age 2 to senior rugby.

For further information please click here to see Little Ruggers Website.

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