Inspiring Videos To Get You Psyched Up Before a Game

My nephew gave me this idea, he told me there was a certain video he liked to watch before a big game to get him psyched up. I thought to myself what a great idea for a post, so here goes.

I have come up with a few videos that may inspire you the next time you feel you need that extra push or want to get psyched up before that big game. Bookmark this page so you can come back to it time and time again.

Not all these videos are related to rugby however they are very much relevant for any sports, especially rugby.

To start with here is a video to remind us why we play the game.

The next video is a very inspirational speech by Al Pacino from the film Any Given Sunday. Enjoy this scene, because this is why people play sports and why we watch sports. This is why we are passionate about sports. It really gets me fired up this one, I hope you enjoy it.

This one is from a sky sports add for rugby with Stephen Berkoff doing the Al Pacino ‘inches’ speech, but this time its definately about rugby. Personally i prefer the original Al Pacino speech. Which one do you prefer?

Now if Al Pacino or Stephen Berkoff did not inspire you enough thenl have a look at Ireland & Lions legend Willie John Mc Bride’s interpretation of the “inches” speach.

The Following video is some Rugby Video Clips set to music which i found to be very motivational.

Now I am going to have to put a little warning on the next video as it contains a few swear words,if you are easily offended please do not watch this next video. If however you can handle a little bit of swearing then go for it. The captain has a very nice way with words, I love the story about some bitch in the olympics, very inspiring stuff indeed.

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Were you inspired and which ones work for you? I definately was.

If you have enjoyed them then great as i will be adding some more in the future.

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Funny Rugby Videos

I was looking around to find some really funny and entertaining videos. I could not decide whether this was funny or not, you decide. NRL Referee Tony De Las Heras gets knocked out by Tonie Carroll’s knee during play in the Broncos V Rabbitohs game in 2009 at Suncorp Stadium. I am told he made a full recover so please don’t worry too much.

A really funny clip next up. Watch out for Will Carling getting held up, spilled balls and some more referee incidents.

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Here is more traditional big rugby hits video, not at all funny being on the receiving end of some of these.

We all enjoy a good punch and we all know where to go if you want to see a good punch up, yes you have guessed it, Romania oh and France.
Heres a couple rugby fights videos from both countries.

Starting with French rugby and the top 4 countdown.

A Romanian rugby match has descended into chaos after breaking out into a huge brawl. Who won, you decide.

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