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Den Haag Knights Show The Way As Rugby League Grows In Holland

Den Haag Knights Team Photo

Den Haag Knights Team Photo

I am always excited to hear of new clubs being formed and when it is one of your own that is growing the game on the continent, it is that much more special.From discovering the game with the North Herts Crusaders in Hitchin in their innaugral year Bonne Wilce went to the Netherlands to study at Den Haag University. Bonne went on to establish a new club wioth the help of some other enthusiasts and this weekend they had their first ever match against a established club The Rotterdam Pitbulls. It is great to see the game growing throughout Europe.

Thank you Bonne Wilce for the m,atch report for the fist ever game for the Den Haag Knights.


Den Haag Knight’s vs Pit bulls

18th of April 2015 marked the first appearance of the Den Haag Knight’s in their debut game against the well-established Rotterdam Pitbulls.

The Knight’s took to the field unsure what to expect from the Pitbulls, their heavy loss against Brussels made a few think it would be an easy game.
From the kick off the Pitbulls threw everything they had at the Knight’s the 20 minutes barrage was met by the Knight’s strong as steel defence. Alas the Pitbulls pressure did result in a Try, converted.

Now the Knight’s regrouped; although for of the players this was their first ever rugby league game. The Knight’s knew what had to be done.
A nice deep kick from Tui Boseniyasana put us in their 30. 2nd phase in and a stunning interception and 30 meters made by Frank Longhurst provided the Knight’s possession followed by a tremendous hand off by Devin which broke the defensive line and resulted in the Knight’s first ever try.

Den Haag Knights V Rotterdam Pitbulls

Den Haag Knights V Rotterdam Pitbulls

Restart; kick straight out by the Pitbulls giving a penalty and Knight’s ball. Big hits up the middle from Joost, Jordan and Misa comfortably passing the gain line each time. Turnover in the 20, the Knight’s defence now proving to be an offensive weapon, locking up tackles and driving the Pitbulls back. Cracking under pressure the Pitbulls give up possession in the danger zone to a yet again stunning interception by Frank Longhurst providing the Knight’s with plenty of phases for Bonne Wilce to crash though the line and provide a cheeky offload to Thomas Farrell securing the 2rd try
Half time, 8-6
Time for new tactics the Pitbulls responded to the Knight’s crash balls by narrowing the defence. Now was the time to open up and let Thomas Farrell burst down the wing for the 3rd try. Sadly disallowed as he clipped the touch flags.
Not disheartened the Knight’s regain possession at a scrum at the 20. Ball played to stand off Ian Thompson who decided to bring his premiership plays to the BNRL and pulled off a beautiful dummy and back inside to Bonne Wilce, scoring the 3rd try uncontested. Tui converts.

Score 14 -6

Den Haag Knights V Rotterdam Pitbulls

Den Haag Knights V Rotterdam Pitbulls

The Pitbulls now step up their game determined for a win; decide they will go wide they meet Patrick and Wouter in the centres whom make it clear that going wide is going to be hard.
Pitbulls loss ball control in the Knight’s 20 Devin quickly reacts and collects the ball and break loose to score an 80 meter try.
The Pitbulls now working harder than ever and with fresh legs on the pitch pummel the knight’s defence eventual managing to brake the steel shield and score a try, converted.
Keeping up the momentum the Pitbulls create an overlap and squeeze another quick try in the Conner

Score 18 – 16
70 mins in and the Knight’s are wearing down the hot day and no subs are really testing the teams resolve. Determined to win their debut game, the Knight’s up the pace with Paul L dirkzwager making 4 consecutive tackles; then providing quick turn over at the half way, giving another opportunity to go wide and allowing Thomas farrel to score the 5th try.

10 mins to go score 22-16: The Pitbulls making full use of their subs launch a final offence to try and even the score. Breaking wide again the Pitbulls are met by right winger matt who stops the offensive. The Pitbulls now desperate to get a finish with a try now hit it up though the forwards. Tired and on the back foot the Knight’s try their best to hold the Pitbulls back, but their big lads break though in the last play.
Final score 22-20,

Man of the match goes to Ian Thompson.
Coming out of retirement to make up the numbers and playing like a 20 year old!

Boone Wilce makes a tackle for the Den Haag Knights

Boone Wilce makes a tackle for the Den Haag Knights

The Knight’s had managed to secure their first win in the BNRL championship, with the Pitbulls putting up a courageous fight and almost stealing the game from under our feet.
3 weeks until the top of the table show down between Brussels gorillas and the den Haag Knight’s.
The gorillas are going to hit hard and play fast; the Knight’s need to get some strong numbers at training in the next few weeks if we want to achieve victory on the 9th

If you would like to join the Knight’s or perhaps you are interested in sponsoring the club in this rapidly growing sport.
Please contact
or come to training
every Wednesday at the Haagsche rugby club 20:00 till 22:00



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Little Ruggers Is Great For Your Kids

Many thanks to Brian Stanley from Hitchin for this article.

I believe that it is very important to give kids the sporting  bug early on in their lives. Now in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, at Lordship Farm school  there is a rugby based sports class for children aged 2 to 6 years of age called Little Ruggers that also run classes across the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire area that has been successful in getting more children having fun and throwing a rugby ball about and I am all for that.

Little Ruggers Play

Little Ruggers Play

Having sent my son classes I watched my twins, son and daughter grow from shy and inhibited 2 year year olds to a confident and polite 5 year olds, I believe down to the great coaching at Little Ruggers, the coaches truly instill the spirit of the game in fair play,  respect and a huge dose of confidence. I have nothing but good things to say about the classes as everything they do is carefully thought out and teaches them something different and a new lesson is learned.

My daughter however did not pursue rugby as a sport instead she chose hockey as her mother was a hockey player and she is i believe a better hockey player because of her time at Little Ruggers. She just has great hand eye coordination and can pick up things quickly. What I am pleased about most is that she is playing sport and not playing on a ipad day and night.

My son Harry is now at a local rugby club and what became apparent is that when he started last September is that he was way ahead of the ones that did not go to Little Ruggers. There was a group of Little Ruggers that joined the rugby club at the same time and they were the stars in the group. The Little Ruggers could pass and catch and could follow instructions and generally had the best sporting ability and this was shown as they contributed to the success of the under 7s who went on to outshine many local opponents.

Little Ruggers company are rolling out their unique rugby classes across the country and if they come to an area near you then i would jump at the chance to get them involved. Not only will they get a head start in rugby and sports generally but they will be more confident and more social and most of all more confident about themselves as they go through childhood and into adulthood.

Thank you Little Ruggers.

To book your places click on their website





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Lets back The London Broncos At Barnet FC


I firmly believe that all clubs down south should be backing the Broncos to ensure their survival  as we feel that having a super league club in London is very important for the growth of rrugby league in the south, which has seen considerable growth in recent years.

North Herts Crusaders Support the London Broncos

North Herts Crusaders Support the London Broncos

It not only gives players and clubs a pathway but also gives us the opportunity to build links with the Broncos and essentially grow the game in the south. So lets back the Broncos and help to fill out the Hive for the first ever Broncos game at The Hive and lets show the vale of rugby league to Barnet FC who are as keen as we are to make this a success  not only for the benefit of Broncos but also the greater good of the growth of rugby league down south.
The Next open day at The Hive is Saturday 8th February (Details can be found by clicking HERE)

we urge as many of you to go down and check out the Broncos impressive new facilities and get your membership and tickets for the first game and hear what the plans are for the coming season and beyond.

I am hoping that we from the North Herts Crusaders will be getting big group up to the Hive for the Broncos first game at The Hive for Saturday 22nd February 2014 against Pottsy’s team The Salford Red Devils. 

We are hoping that other clubs particularly in the South also make the effort to “Back The Broncos” and we can show Barnet FC that rugby league in London has huge potential and that rugby league can thrive at its new ground which will hopefully grow the game at grassroots level.

Broncos New Home The Hive Barnet FC

Broncos New Home The Hive Barnet FC

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North Herts Crusaders Rugby League Club Go From Strength To Strength

Spen Allison Presents Man Of Steel shield To Kyle Hughes

Spen Allison Presents Man Of Steel shield To Kyle Hughes of the North herts Crusaders

I am sorry for the lack of posts however i have been busy helping build a sustainable rugby league team in the south of England. Its been a great buzz and have really enjoyed getting the word out and trying to convert players to a game that i have grown to love. This last week we had our second ever awards evening and had the pleasure of the company of Spen Allison and Ikram Butt legends in the rugby league world, a world we are learning about and are loving it.

The much anticipated end of season Dinner and presentation evening was a sell out with over 72 guests that included players, partners, parents, sponsors and friends that have all contributed to the success story of the Crusaders. The venue was The Orange Tree In Baldock, who are also a club sponsor and along with Greene King kindly sponsored the food for the evening which was delicious.We had great honour of having as our guests for the evening Ikram Butt and Spen Allison. Ikram is and ex professional rugby league player having played at representative level for England, and at club level for Featherstone Rovers, Leeds Rhinos, Huddersfield Giants, and London Broncos, as a Wing. Ikram Butt was the first south Asian to play either code of international rugby for England in 1995.

Spen Allison as the second of our special guests. Spen Allison is a living legend within rugby league circles having been the long serving Chairman of the British Amateur Rugby League Association (BARLA) and now still involved as the Senior Vice Chairman of BARLA. Spen has been on the BARLA management committee since 1958 which is just over 55 voluntary management years to British Amateur Rugby League a great achievement and a great commitment to the greatest game.

The Crusaders had a lot to celebrate this year with the open age team going the league season unbeaten and winning both the East Cup and East Grand finals and making it to the quarter finals of the National Harry Jepson Cup. In the national cup we suffered our first defeat of the season at the hands of the eventual winners of the Harry Jepson Cup South London Chargers.

It was not all about the open age section as this year was the inaugural season for the newly formed under 16s team which shocked the Eastern Rhinos team in their first ever game and indeed when on to win all but one game this season. In addition to this we also had 7 under 16s players gaining representational honours playing in the London Origins where the best of north and south of the river Thames battle it out in a three game series.

Ikram Butt Presents Awards To Under 16s Players Player Of The Year

Ikram Butt Presents Awards To Under 16s Players Player Of The Year

First up for the rewards was the under 16s our special guest Ikram Butt was to give out the awards.

The Under 16s winners

Players Player Of The Year: Simon Taylor

Coaches Player of the year: Ruiri Shanahan

Top Gun Award: Charlie Parkhouse

Graduation Awards

Graduation awards are given to those players that break through from junior rugby to the open age team and we had 2 players that stepped up and performed admirabley in possibly our toughest game in the quarter final of the Harry Jepson Cup the two graduates this year were:

Charlie Parkhouse

Lewis Copsey


Open Age Winners

Players Player Of The Year: Evan Griffiths

Coaches Player of the year: Alex Nolan

Man Of Steel: Kyle Hughes

It was a tough decision to pick just three winners from each age group as there were many worthy winners. A huge well done and thanks for a great season.

We also like to reward volunteers that go the extra mile to help the club function and thus a special award which recognised the hard work and commitment throughout the season.

Crusader Of The Year: Anne Peterson

This wraps up the second season for the Crusaders which has seen great growth and ultimately success on and off the pitch. Thank you everyone that contributed in whatever way no matter how small as its with the involvement of great people that we can grow and continue to thrive as a club in North Hertfordshire.


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All India South Asia Rugby Tournament, 2011 Final.

Indian Army Red Win All India South Asia Rugby Tournament, 2011

Indian Army Red Win All India South Asia Rugby Tournament, 2011

Rugby is the fastest growing sport in India today. The All India south asia rugby tournament is a testament to this fact. The tournament consistes of the Division-1 teams from across India who will do battle. The participating teams were Army Red (Western Zone), Army Green (Western Zone), Tamil Nadu Police (Tamil Nadu), Delhi Hurricanes (New Delhi), Jungle Crows (Kolkata), CCFC (Calcutta Cricket & Football Club), Bombay Gymkhana, Sergeant’s Institute (Kolkata), Pune Rugby Team (Pune) and KISS Rugby Team (Orissa).

After 6 days of rugby at the tournament it was the final day in the All India South Asia Rugby Tournament, 2011. The two finalists; Army Red, the team that has won this championship on the last 4 occasions and the hosts, Bombay Gymkhanna were evenly matched, and the game promised to be one full of passion, commitment and grit.

As the game kicked off, the first 15 minutes were as close as ever, with both teams battling hard for possession around the half way mark. Army Red were the first team on the score sheet when Pushpendu Das scored from a penalty kick after a Bombay Gym player infringed on a ruck. After the restart Bombay Gym put pressure on the Army defence but came up short, and after a few consecutive infingments once again found themselves in their 22 meter zone. The Army set up a maul from a line out and the Army Red Hooker, Hemant Kumar scored off the rolling maul. Pushpendu Das failed to convert the conversion kick and Army Red went into half time 8-0 up.

When the teams came out at half time, the first 10 minutes were very similar to the corresponding minutes of the first half, with both teams fighting for possession at and around the halfway mark. After a break by the army back line, which was broken up by a good tackle by a Bombay Gym winger, Army found themselves on the Bombay Gym’s 5 meter line. A strong Army scrum put Bombay Gym on the backfoot and Scrum half Sujai lama broke through the gap in the defence to score the Army’s second try right under the posts which was easily converted by Pushpendu Das. Bombay Gym then went all out to pull back some points, and as a result saw captain Nasser Hussain and flanker Anwar Sheik yellow carded for infringements in the ruck.

Bombay Gym were unable to comeback and the game ended, 15-0 to Army A who were crowned champions of the All India and South Asia Rugby tournament for the 5th consecutive time.



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The Rugby World Cup Should Have a Plate Competition For Minnows?

Romanian rugby

Romania in the rugby world cup

The world cup is well underway and apart from Ireland beating Australia there has been no real upsets and even Ireland beating Australia is not a huge upset as Ireland can beat anyone on their day. However this year has seen some of the minnows give a good account of themselves and have given tier 1 countries tough games which turned out to be rather close.

These teams are no longer the pushovers they used to be when cricket scores were a comman occurrence. We have been some very close matches for example Canada beating Tonga and Romania leading Scotland until the final quarter. 

I firmly believe that for the tier 2 nations playing in the world cup are generally playing better than in previous years and are obviously getting better with the more matches they play. It seems a shame that these countries walk away with nothing to show for there efforts after the group stages.

I think that the minnows flourish in playing against better teams in a Rugby World Cup tournament and will get better the more matches they play. I propose that teams that go out of the group stages should then enter the plate competition in a format similar to the Sevens World Series. Do you think this is a good idea or one that is not workable?

Also what could be done to make the tier 2 countries more competitive on the world stage? The world cup will in my opinion be won by any one of 4 teams as is always the case. I cannot see that changing unless fully professional leagues are established in these tier 2 countries, perhaps the IRB should be doing more?




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Following up on my interest in rugby in India and particularly rugby in the Delhi area I am pleased to report that Delhi Hurricanes Rugby Club is going from strength to strength. The people behind the Delhi Hurricanes are working very hard in promiting rugby in Delhi and their latest venture is starting a rugby academy. It is set to become a very fun day and if anyone wants to find out more or wants to get involved then please get yourself there.

Inauguration of Hurricanes Rugby Academy on 31st July, 2011

Inauguration of Hurricanes Rugby Academy on 31st July, 2011

On the behalf of Delhi Hurricanes Rugby Football club, I invite you for the Inauguration of Hurricanes Rugby Academy on 31st July 2011. I sincerely believe that you can make difference to this event I sincerely request you to attend this event & make it huge.

Join Delhi Hurricanes facebook page by clicking here.


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Do You Want To Play Rugby In Delhi India

Hello All I have been encouraged lately about the number of people who have contacted me about playing rugby in Delhi. I seem to have a number of people asking where there is a club and how do they join. I have a contact at Delhi Hurricanes Rugby Club and hence if anyone want to play in Delhi then please use the contact details below.

Delhi Hurricanes rugby club normally train twice a week on Thursdays & Sundays.  For the confirmation of the time, u can call the following people.
Vicky  – 9818440814
Pulkit  – 9873786001

Also for general information regarding the club and sponsorship opportunities or just ways to get involved with the fastest growing sport in india then contact the person below.

President: Mr. Kuldeep Singh Bist (Kally)

Contact Number: 9999353722
Email ID:

You can join their facebook group also on the following link………

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A Day Out at Berliner Rugby Club in Germany

Finally, I have a weekend in Berlin. As is my lifestyle in Berlin, I got up on Saturday morning and I have no work, excellent so i can lay here and snooze for a bit longer. However though I have a fully functioning kitchen i have yet to use any of it due to the great value eating out in this great city. I can rarely afford to sit indoors for very long as I get hungry and have to get out.

During my time In Berlin working I made good friends with an Irish lad from Dublin, who I spent a lot of time with as we were both new to the city. So the clock hit 11.00am and I could go no longer to wait for my morning cup of tea and most importantly breakfast. A quick text to Ian (my new Irish Mate) and I was off on the U-Bahn to meet him at Charlottenberg which incidentally was the capital of West Berlin before unification of East and West Germany.

The plan was to get breakfast and make our way over to watch some Rugby which was not too far from here. We took a walk and ruled out all the possibilities for brunch until we passed an Irish Pub called the Irish Harp In Charlottenberg. We decided to go here as my Friend Ian felt really at home in these places. I ordered a Guinness and asked for the menu.  I was feeling adventurous and decided on a “Irish Breakfast, you can imagine my disappointment when it arrived. Now don’t get me wrong but Sausage, egg, bacon, beans and toast and English tea is pretty much the same as an English breakfast. Irish or English it was a great breakfast and I learned the Irish have the same breakfast as the English therefore it was a Irish/English Breakfast.

After downing two pints of Guinness we decided it was time to leave for the Game. A game between Berlin second team and Hamburg first team.

We arrived at the game on time. There was quite a crown for a second team game I thought and especially for Germany. However the standard of rugby was pretty good and on show were mostly German players however there were a number of British players playing for both teams along with a few Samoans and New Zealanders. The Game was won by Berliner rugby club but the outstanding player on the field that day was the fly half for Hamburg who we later found out was a student on some sort of exchange program from Northern Ireland.

After the game we were invited to have a beer but we declined and headed back to the Irish harp for more beer and food. I now noticed by a poster on the wall of the Berliner Rugby team and later learned that the Irish Harp are in fact sponsors of Berliner Rugby Club. And this is their main watering hole and thus we drank a few more Guinness’s had a chat with a few of the rugby boys who happened to be New Zealanders and off we went. The rest of the night was a blur so can’t report on that.

All in all a rather different rugby day for me but enjoyable and am glad that I can enjoy rugby wherever I go regardless of the standard of rugby it’s just a case of digging around and finding what’s out there are hoping there is a fixture you can attend.

That’s it now for Germany, my 2 months here are done and now back to Rugby in England and looking forward to the Summer touch rugby tournament at Letchworth Rugby Club and Looking forward to Helping out at Little Ruggers a sports development club for children aged 2- 6 years.


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Back in Germany For Beer and Rugby

I have been very busy lately and have neglected this blog, however I aim to update  regularly from now on as I will have more time to devote to it.


As you may have gathered I am now back working in Germany however this time I am in the exciting city of Berlin. After doing a little research I was shocked to find out that there are in fact six rugby clubs in Berlin. I will be giving an overview of the rugby scene here in another post. The plan the coming weekend will be to find a rugby match and pitch up drink German beer and get chatting to as many people as I can and learn more about the people the club and the general rugby scene and hopefully have a decent night out with new friends. I was looking for a game from the highest league in Berlin who play in the Bundesliga.


In Germany because of the winter break, there has been no rugby until last week  and that was the weekend I went home to watch my rugby club play and defeat our local rivals but that’s another post. In terms of German rugby all the traditionally strong clubs from across Germany are represented in the current Budgesliga league table as shown below.


Bundesliga 2010/11

Pos Verein Spiele G U V + Diff. Punkte
1 Heidelberger RK 10 10 0 0 542 57 485 49
2 SC Frankfurt 1880 10 8 0 2 451 143 308 39
3 TSV Handschuhsheim 10 8 0 2 291 205 86 37
4 RG Heidelberg 10 6 0 4 343 169 174 29
5 SC Neuenheim 8 5 0 3 213 154 59 25
6 Berliner Rugby Club 9 3 0 6 133 287 -154 14
7 RK 03 Berlin 9 2 0 7 123 322 -199 9
8 DSV Hannover 78 10 1 0 9 128 447 -319 5
9 RK Heusenstamm 10 0 0 10 103 543 -440 2


As you can see there are two Berlin Clubs in the German Bundesliga and are currently place 6 and 7, the first being Berliner Rugby Club and the Other being RK 03 Berlin. You may have read my post about Rugby in Germany in which I gave a breakdown of rugby in Germany and also a report on the games I watched namely being München RFC vs RC Luxemburg and Stuttgarter RC vs TSV Victoria Linden who both play in the 2nd tier of German Rugby and I said it was possibly equivalent to either level 7 or 6 in the English league system.


I am now told that the Bundesliga is probably equivalent to Level 5 in English rugby I have yet to see if this is the case. Anyway onto this weekend I am going to go and watch a game between Berliner RC II vs Hamburger RC. What seems to be quite common is that the second teams of these clubs often play in the same league structure, (Whats happens if the second team gets promoted also?). Berliner RC first team plays in the highest league and their second team players in the second tier. You may be thinking why is he going to watch the second team, well that’s because all the other teams seem to be playing away this weekend.


Heres what the league looks like its the Bundesliga North, if you remember Munich, Stuttgart and Luxembourg all play in the Budgesliga South. Please pop back and see how I get on, who knows if I take my boots along I might get a game.


Bundesliga Nord 2010/11

Pos Verein Spiele G U V + Diff. Punkte
1 FC St. Pauli 10 6 2 2 306 143 163 36
2 SC Germania List 8 7 0 1 222 115 107 34
3 TSV Victoria Linden 8 6 1 1 354 122 232 33
4 USV Potsdam 9 5 1 3 300 180 120 26
5 RU Hohen Neuendorf 9 4 1 4 225 173 52 24
6 Berliner RC II 8 3 0 5 114 226 -112 14
7 SG SV Odin / VfR Döhren 8 3 0 5 134 264 -130 14
8 DRC Hannover 9 3 0 6 145 280 -135 13
9 Hamburger RC 8 2 0 6 107 240 -133 10
10 SC Siemensstadt 9 1 1 7 118 282 -164 9

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Rugby Sevens at the Commonwealth Games and India 2010 Pools Declared.

New Zealand rugby Sevens Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 

Rugby sevens has been played at three Commonwealth Games since its first appearance, at the 1998 Commonwealth Games, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Appearing in 2002 and 2006, it is now considered a ‘Core’ sport by the Commonwealth Games Federation, necessitating its appearance at all future games, including the upcoming 2010 Games in Delhi India.

The 16th Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia saw the introduction of rugby sevens along with cricket, field Hockey and netball.

New Zealand has never lost a match at the Commonwealth Games, winning gold in all three Games at which the sport has been played.

Following is a list of medal winners in all Commonwealth Games for Rugby Sevens.

Medal Winners at the 1998 – Kuala Lumpur Games
Gold – New Zealand
Silver – Fiji
Bronze – Australia

Medal Winners at the 2002 – Manchester Games
Gold – New Zealand
Silver – Fiji
Bronze – South Africa

Medal Winners at the 2006 – Melbourne Games
Gold – New Zealand
Silver – England
Bronze – Fiji

2010 – Delhi Games

The International Rugby Board (IRB) together with the Commonwealth Games Federation has announced the pool draw for the Rugby Sevens event at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India on 11-12 October.

Marking almost exactly one year since sevens’ inclusion as an Olympic sport at the 121st IOC Session in Copenhagen, the tournament will be the first opportunity to witness its proven blend of high-octane action and competitive matches in a multi-sport Games environment.

Commanwealth Games Rugby Sevens

Commanwealth Games Rugby Sevens

Defending Commonwealth Games Sevens Champions New Zealand are top seeds and head Pool A, where they will face opening matches against World Series regulars Scotland and Canada as well as Caribbean champions Guyana, who also competed on the World Series this season in Las Vegas.

New Zealand have won all three sevens gold medals on offer so far – in 1998 (Kuala Lumpur), 2002 (Manchester) and 2006 (Melbourne).

2002 bronze medalists South Africa head Pool B and face three challenging opening ties against reigning Rugby World Cup Sevens champions Wales, Tonga and the host nation, India.

Reigning IRB Sevens World Series champions Samoa top Pool C and face matches on day one against ever-dangerous Kenya, the Cranes of Uganda and Papua New Guinea’s Puk Puks.

England head Pool D but will meet the vastly improved Australians, who finished this year’s World Series in third place behind the Samoans and New Zealand. The two rugby superpowers will also face matches against the third African team in the draw, Namibia, and Sri Lanka.

‘Memorable tournament’

“Having Sevens played at the Commonwealth Games plays an integral role in the ongoing development and promotion of Rugby around the world. The event features teams from Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America and the Caribbean and continues to attract some of the world’s top players, delivering exciting matches and attracting new fans,” said IRB President, Bernard Lapasset.

“Sevens has consistently proven to be successful at the Commonwealth Games and this year we are particularly excited that the event is being held in India, where rugby is reaching out to new, young audiences in a rapidly developing market for our sport. We are looking forward to what promises to be a memorable tournament for the global rugby family.”

Mike Hooper, Chief Executive of the Commonwealth Games Federation added: “With a record crowd of 50,000 at the final Rugby Sevens session in Melbourne in 2006, the Rugby Sevens tournament has become one of the most sought-after attractions at the Commonwealth Games, providing an excellent spectacle for both fans and television viewers.

“The inclusion of some of the world’s best Sevens teams and star players from every corner of the world continue to broaden the Games’ global appeal even further.”

The Tournament Schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.

2010 Commonwealth Games Delhi Pools:

Pool A: New Zealand, Scotland, Canada, Guyana
Pool B: South Africa, Wales, Tonga, India
Pool C: Samoa, Kenya, Uganda, Papua New Guinea
Pool D: England, Australia, Namibia, Sri Lanka, African qualifier

Venue: North Campus, Delhi University (DU)
Training Venues:
• Delhi University – 7
• Jamia Milia Islamia – 1

Competition Venue and seven Training Venues are in Delhi University. The two day competition will be held on 11 & 12 October 2010.

Teams: 16
Team size: 12 Athletes per team


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Rugby World Magazine, Are You Their Team of The Year?

RUgby World Magazine

Rugby World

I though that some of you may be interested in this. Rugby World Magazine are running a competition for junior clubs and this includes Europe. So my European friends get writing them emails now, I know as a fact there are many worthy teams out there.

With these things its usually the clubs that that can be bothered to write that win the prizes and the deserving teams never seem to win. Thats because no one takes the time to write. Lets correct this now.

Good Luck

taken from Rugby World magazine.

Are You Our Team of the Year?

It’s time for the big one. If you’ve had a season to remember, email to tell us why you deserve to be the Rugby World Team of the Year. The award is aimed at junior clubs in Europe and the winning team will receive 22 sets of team kit jersey, shorts and socks from Playmore! So email your nomination TODAY.

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Rugby in Chile and a Possible Rugby Tour Destination

Chilean rugby union team

Chile Rugby team

From time to time I will pick a random country and today that country is Chile, actually this time its not random at all, its because a good friend of mine recently visited Chile. My friend mentioned the nightlife, beautiful woman and Rugby is all of a high standard, this I thought could be a possible rugby tour. Instantly decided to do some further research into Chilean rugby and what I present here is what I have found out.

Rugby was first introduced by the British during the 19th century. It is believed that the first people who played it in Chile were the English who worked at the saltmines in Iquique. For many years it was a sport associated the upper classes. The first teams appeared in Valparaíso and Santiago de Chile, who latter formed the Unión de Rugby de Chile. The British influence can be noticed today in that several of the main Chilean teams still have English names like the Prince of Wales Country Club, who are one of the leading clubs in Chile. In addition to the English influence some rugby did trickle across the border from Argentina also.

Argentina dominate South American Rugby but Chile used to consider itself, the best of the rest. However they have not qualified for the world cup as of yet, Uraguay have managed that and are now ranked higher than Chile. Chile have however won the 1981 South American Championship in which Argentina did not play in. Chile is currently ranked 3rd in South America, 5th in the Americas, and 23rd in the world.

An incident that bought Uruguayan and Chilean rugby into the limelight was the film “Alive”, which was about the tragic crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, on which The Uruguayans were on tour to Argentina and were on their was to play some return matches in Chile when disaster struck. Alive tells the story of a Uruguayan Rugby team and their friends and family who were involved in the airplane crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 which crashed into the Andes mountains on October 13, 1972. What those survivors had to go through was shocking, good film if you get a chance watch it.

During the 1980s, former French national coach Jean-Pierre Juanchich became national administrator of the sport in Chile it was during this time participation in rugby increased dramatically. Previously rugby was restricted to the Santiago and Valparaíso, after this time it spread across the rest of the country and now you can find clubs the length of this country.

The Chile national rugby union team who are nicknamed Los Cóndores, “The Condors” made their international rugby debut in 1936, against fellow South American nation, Argentina. However, Chile were defeated 29 points to nil by the Pumas. Although there was no qualifying tournament for the first World Cup, Chile would try and qualify for the third tournament, the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa. Chile lost a close game to Paraguay, but losses to Uruguay and then Argentina saw them knocked out of the qualifying tournament.

Today rugby is a big sport Chile, particularly in the Capital city Santiago. Hospitality my friend tells me, is fantastic and they are very keen to host Generic pharmacy visiting sides as they want to improve their game by playing against teams from bigger rugby playing nations in order to compete with their Argentinean and Uruguayan neighbours.
That’s a little bit about rugby in Chile, however I can hear you saying he has not mentioned the interesting stuff like nightlife, beer and woman. This is a family site so get out there do some research and get organising a tour to Chile.

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A Rugby Day In Germany at Ulm Rugby Club

Ulm Rugby Club

Ulm Rugby Club

I currently work in Germany and on the rare occasions I do stay at the weekends I usually go and watch a rugby game, this weekend was such a weekend. Woke up, the time was 10.30 so I had to decide what I am going to do today. I then quickly had breakfast and headed out of the door a long walk to the train station for a short train ride to Ulm.

The rugby club VfB Ulm is situated in the city of Ulm. Ulm is a city in the German Region of Baden-Württemberg, situated on the River Danube and incidentally the birthplace of Albert Einstein and Ulm is home to the Ulm Minster Cathedral, having the world’s tallest church steeple (161.53 m (529.95 ft) high and 768 steps).

The Rugby club is known as VfB Ulm a small club that plays in the Bavarian regional league. Today was a match against the Ingolstadt Baboons; no seriously that is what they call themselves.

Ulm is a one team rugby club which consists of players from a number of countries around the world but most were actually Germans. At Ulm the experience is added by the expats with the youth and energy provided by the less experienced Germans. Ulm have hopes on developing a junior and mini sections in the future which would be fantastic for them in providing a steady flow of players and for German rugby in general.

The Germans in the team are mostly new to the game having either just started to play or played just a couple of seasons however they are very keen and are taking to rugby like ducks to water. I would say the standard of rugby to be similar to level 10 rugby in the UK. The actual game was quite an even affair, with the Baboons showing there superiority in the forward play, which is not surprising as they had some big lumps in there including a huge prop from Blackpool. On the other hand many of Ulm’s forwards were playing there first ever game of rugby today. The final score 17-7 to the Baboons.

A notable difference observed at the end of a game is that both teams line up facing each other on the half way line give 3 cheers for the opposition and then they form the tunnel, which is slightly different from back home. Crates of beer were bought to the pitch for the players as soon as the game ended, so efficient these Germans.

Ulm is a club that does not have a club house so for afters the players and spectators are able to purchase beer and I am told some days they have barbecues after games. However most of the post match drinks and food the players almost always end up at the pub called cheeers who are also the sponsor of Ulm rugby club. I was invited to come along, which I did Online Generic pills and had a very enjoyable evening. I can remember having a few beers and a little something to eat however not much more, needless to say that I made it back okay.

All in all I have a lovely day with the Ulm rugby club with some great people. Much like any other club in any part of the world this German team showed that they are a great example of a rugby club upholding the true spirit and traditions of Rugby Union, long may it continue.

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Rugby In Germany

Having spent a considerable amount of time in Germany during the last year, I thought I would a good idea to report on the seemingly little known rugby scene in Germany.

Rugby union was introduced to Germany in the 1800s by British students who attended posh private grammar schools or studied in Heidelberg and others having completed their military service in Hanover and played rugby in their spare time. Heidelberg and Hanover are still to this day the major Rugby powerhouses in Germany.

The first German rugby team existed at Neuenheim College (Now called Heidelberg College) in Heidelberg. At around the 1850s, rugby started to attract lots of the students. It was during this time that the Heidelberger Ruderklub von 1872 (HRK 1872) in 1872, which is today the oldest German rugby club and still is amongst the strongest teams in Germany. The history of rugby in Germany is documented in the Deutsche Rugby-Sportmuseum, the German rugby sport museum, which is also located at Heidelberg.

In the build up towards the World War II the Nazi party did not like rugby, as it was considered as “too English”. As a result it lost all financial support to the game and much of the popularity it had gained in the western and northern cities of Heidelberg, Hanover, and Frankfurt. The sport was then further decimated by World War II as most of the players were killed.

The German Rugby Federation was set up in 1900 (Deutscher Rugby-Verband). The Germans claim to fame is that they were Olympic silver medallists in the rugby union competition in 1900; also they also beat France twice in the 1930s. The German national team is a third tier Rugby Union playing nation and competes in the European Nations Cup, the senior men’s rugby tournament for European nations just below the Six Nations. As of yet Germany has not qualified for the Rugby World Cup.

Today Rugby is on the up again in Germany. There are over 13,000 registered players and over 100 clubs across the country. The main goal for the German national rugby team is to qualify for the 2019 world cup, whether they will or not is anyone’s guess, but with the current growth it could well be a possibility for them.

Germany has a number of clubs across the country playing national and regional leagues and new clubs are springing up all the time. The national leagues in Germany are listed below. These are the top 30 clubs only, there are lots of clubs also playing the regional leagues and more clubs are being created as the popularity of rugby union grows in Germany.

The National Leagues in Germany
Bundesliga Nord
Bundesliga Süd

The teams that currently play in Bundesliga (level 1) (2009-2010) are listed below.

ASV Köln
Berliner Rugby Club
DSV Hannover 78
Heidelberger RK
RG Heidelberg
RK 03 Berlin
RK Heusenstamm
SC Frankfurt 1880
SC Neuenheim
TSV Handschuhsheim

The second tier of German rugby is split into the Bundesliga North and Bundesliga South. You will find a good standard at all these clubs

Bundesliga North (level 2) (2009-2010)

Berliner RC II
DRC Hannover
FC St. Pauli
FT Adler Kiel
Hamburger RC
RU Hohen Neuendorf
SC Germania List
SG SV Odin / VfR Döhren
TSV Victoria Linden
USV Potsdam

Bundesliga South (level 2) (2009-2010)

Heidelberger RK II
Karlsruher SV
München RFC
RC Luxemburg
RC Mainz
RG Heidelberg II
SC Frankfurt 1880 II
StuSta München
Stuttgarter RC
TSV Handschuhsheim II

I have been to watch Stuttgart who played a friendly in pre-season against Victoria Lindon (Hanover) and on another occasion I was in Munich and I watched a game when they entertained Luxembourg. I would compare the standard in Germany’s second tier to be similar to the standard to a level 6 game in the England, which is London/Midland/North/Southwest 1. So the standard is not too bad at all. From my observance, it was clearly noticeable that the squads of all the teams were very international in nature. I heard Irish, American, British, New Zealand, South African and French accents. Which makes going to play in Germany a wonderful life enriching experience, if anyone fancies taking a contract to play over there.

Germany without doubt has great beer and great sausages; I have tried many types of both and have not tasted a bad beer yet. I have noticed a lot of clubs are sponsored by Irish pubs, perhaps something to do with the number of expats around rugby in this country. So in conclusion Germany is a perfect for a rugby tour destination which you can combine with one of the many beer festivals. Germany has all the essential ingredients and if you fancy a change of scene and play a good standard of rugby then it is possible to get a good contract to play here too.

Over the next few weeks, which are to be my last in Germany, I will be going to a number of games across Germany. In addition I will be attending an International game Switzerland v Lithuania which will be hosted at Basel Rugby Club in Basel Switzerland. So please check back for my reports.

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How To Increase Club Membership With One Easy Step

Having been to lots of rugby clubs in both UK and Europe, I have found that some clubs are more welcoming and have a better atmosphere than others. What are the ingredients for having a welcoming and friendly club? I will be looking into how you can make a simple change to increase playing, social members and sponsors.

During training nights a number of new players can turn up. This is a critical time for these new players because if they don’t get the right vibe then these players may not come back and some other club will have their services. Therefore it is important that their first impression of your club is a good one. All new players should be greeted and welcomed to the club the moment they arrive. This is not just the job of the club captain or coaches as they may not be around at the time. It is the duty of ALL players and all officials around at the time. Introduce them to the other players prior to commencement of training and then after training have a brief chat with them to ensure they enjoyed themselves and find out a little bit about them and their aspirations, regardless of there ability to pay in the first team.

This is just common sense, I hear you say, however I am surprised the number of players that have ended up at my club having previously trained with another local club, stating a negative experience at training, for example no one spoke to them. They were not made to feel welcome or just did not like the vibe. Any decent rugby club would have retained these players if they had just been more welcoming at training and it should not matter if they are first team potential or whether they are beginners as these guys will go on to be paid up members of the club if treated well. More members are better for the success of all teams and for the clubs coffers.

I visit lots of different rugby clubs around the country, when I am not at my local rugby club on a Saturday. This may be to visit family in another part of the country or on holiday somewhere. I will always pop down the local rugby club and have a couple of beers and watch a game of rugby, much to my wife’s annoyance. I was impressed with a particular club in the Midlands that I recently visited.

What did they do right? I was greeted first as I walked into the bar area by a man in a suit, who later turned out to be the chairman, we shook hands and he welcomed me and mentioned that he had not seen me down there before and I had a brief chat with him about the weather and the likelihood of a win for the home side and I made my way to the bar. Please bear in mind this was a match day there were lots of people about and I could have easily have gone in there and no one spoke to me all day as what has happened on a number of visits to other clubs. The chap behind the bar was very friendly too asking me if I was from the opposition and whether I was new to the area. I explained to him I am visiting the wife’s family and just popped out to watch a game. He called me a top man, always nice to know.

Again after the game I had a beer before I headed back to face the in-laws. During the course of the day the Chairman introduced me to a number of people I honestly felt at home here like I was talking to old friends. I walked away feeling I had made some good friends and most of all a very positive opinion of the club and if I had lived nearby they would definitely had me as a member. As I visit my in-laws from time to time, I have visited a number of clubs in that area and some are not as friendly as this particular club needless to say, I will be going back next time I am in the area, at least they have gained a supporter who knows may take my boots along and get a game with there vets team.

You should always be on the look out for new faces on match days and training and say hello to everyone and at least acknowledge them as I understand it can be a busy. The next new face you see down your club could well be a potential player, member or even a sponsor. Lots of potential players turn up on match days just to check out the vibe of the place and see if it’s a club they would like to play for, it’s important not to let these people leave with a negative view of your club and its important to get them onboard.

ALL club members are ambassadors of the club. There is no passing the buck and saying it’s not your job, it is your job it’s the job of all club members. It is very obvious and a simple concept but it seems some clubs just aren’t good at it and are losing potential players and members. So lets be more welcoming, lets get more players, supporters and sponsors into your rugby club and lets keep them, its as simple as saying “Hello” and a smile and if someone looks lost help them out, unless you are a club close to mine, then keep it up please, we like the steady flow of players from your clubs.

On the whole rugby clubs are in fact very friendly and unique places however unknowingly you can become so caught up in what you are doing and sometimes can overlook this very simple thing. I would welcome comments on this subject and if you have experienced unfriendly clubs let me know what made them unfriendly and why you never stuck around (please don’t name these clubs). If you are a club member then I would like to hear what you do to make your club more welcoming for potential players and members.

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Rugby In India and the Delhi Hurricanes Rugby Football Club

Delhi Hurricances Rugby In India

Delhi Hurricanes

Some of you out there may be surprised to hear that Rugby is in fact a huge sport in India and is growing fast. India has long been associated with cricket, wrestling and Kabaddi (cross between wrestling and rugby without the ball). There are numerous rugby tournaments, across India for many all ages groups and for both the mens rugby and womans rugby. All the major cities will have at least one rugby club and many of these cities will have a number of rugby Clubs and the capital city of India Delhi is one such City.

The earliest trace of Rugby Football in India dates back to a scratch match or two played in Calcutta and Madras during the visit of H.M.S. Galatea in 1871. The teak goal posts used on the occasion of the Calcutta Match were afterwards used by the C.F.C. up to at least 1886. The first recorded match was played on Christmas day 1872, at CFC in Calcutta, it was played between England and a combined team of Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The game caught on and had to be repeated within the week.

In 1877 saw rugby’s popularity wane and it almost died out completely, leaving behind a full coffer. The wise G.A.J. Rothney, who had been acting as Captain, Hon. Secretary and Treasurer of the Club at that time, proposed that the funds should be devoted to the purchase of a cup of Indian workmanship to be offered to the Rugby Football Union- the parent body of the game worldwide. The withdrawal of these monies was done in the form of silver coins which were then melted to craft the exquisite Calcutta Cup.

The Calcutta International Challenge Cup was to be played for annually by England and Scotland, the Cup remaining the property of the Rugby Football Union. This cup is being keenly contested annually between England and Scotland for the last 122 years. After a few years the game saw resurgence and regular matches were conducted with several new clubs having been formed. Hearing of the popularity of the sport in India, the R.F.U. decided to reciprocate the earlier Indian gesture. In 1924 they presented to the C.F.C. an exact replica of the Calcutta Cup. This cup was then titled ‘The All India & South Asia Rugby Cup.’

The recent history of rugby in India is an exciting one. Rapid growth over the past several years since the formation of The Indian Rugby Football Union in 1968 and it subsequent membership to the sport’s international governing body the International Rugby Board (IRB) in April 1999 has seen numbers of clubs and players increase dramatically in all versions of the game – 15s, 7,s and Touch rugby. The adoption of the sport within the Armed Forces and Police means that the game has strong growth potential. To this end in 2008 the IRB committed the resources of a full time overseas Development Manager to assist the IRFU develop the game throughout India.

The current Indian national rugby union team is ranked 85th in the world (as of 9 March 2010 IRB Rankings). Their captain is Nasser Hussain, and they are currently being coached by South Africans Norman Laker and Henry Marnitz. There are, in total, 17,200 registered rugby players in India. They were admitted to the IRB in 2001, but it took three years before India got there first win – beating Pakistan 56-3 in the third tier competition of the Asian Biennial tournament.

Having visited India on a number occasions, I never quite made the connection between Rugby and India. However in future I will be making sure I visit a few clubs in India and watch some games and learn more about the rugby culture in India especially Delhi.

Delhi Hurricances Rugby Club India in action


I would like to thank my good friend Kuldeep Singh Bist for providing me with information for his club Delhi Hurricanes Rugby Football Club for whom he is a player/coach. Kuldeep took retirement from International Rugby in the year 2003. He repersented India on several occasions including the first ever Indian rugby team who toured Singapore in 1998 for Asian Rugby Championship.

Delhi Hurricanes Rugby Football Club was formed in July, 2004 and is affiliated to the North India RFU, which is in turn affiliated to the Indian RFU. Delhi Hurricanes have already developed eleven players that have gone onto represent the Indian National Team. They are hopeful that at this pace, they will provide many more players in the future who will represent the India in the future. The Delhi State team won a Bronze medal in the Guwahati National Games-2007 (7 a side) & 4 players from Delhi Hurricanes RFC were part of this team and have already qualified for Jharkhand National Games, 2009. Currently two Hurricane’s players are in New Zealand with the Indian National Team for a rugby camp and practice matches. Hurricanes won Callaghan Cup in Oct.’ 2009. Five players currently in Commonwealth Games Squads.

Delhi Hurricanes Rugby match in India

Delhi Hurricanes Rugby match in India

IRFU has taken the initiative to introduce Rugby in schools curriculum & lots of schools have started to play Rugby in the recent years. Delhi Hurricanes RFC are actively involved in expanding Rugby across Delhi and other parts of North India and specially among school. Delhi Government is considering to include Rugby in their curriculum in near future, which bodes well for rugby in India.

Recently rugby has seen rapid growth in India and is set to grow even more with more and more children being introduced to the game at schools. Delhi Hurricanes have some great plans in place and its clubs like these that will be the driving force behind the growth of Rugby in India. Also a noteworthy point is that woman’s rugby in India is probably growing just as fast as the men’s game as the Indian ladies have taken to the game in a big way. Who knows maybe one day rugby will be competing with cricket as the most popular sport in India, though this is a while off yet but we can hope we can then welcome another billion supporters into the beautiful game.

Delhi Hurricanes website

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