How to Get More Members for Your Sports Club Using Social Media

North Herts Crusaders RLFC

North Herts Crusaders RLFC

Living in Hertfordshire and from a family where rugby union is the main rugby code, it is maybe a surprise that the author is a total convert to the “Greatest Game” of Rugby League. Indeed this is largely due to myself beinginvolved in the creation of the North Herts Crusaders. The Crusaders though only 2 years old have won 2 grand finals and the newly created East of England cup in their short history.


In our first year the plan was to get a team out every week but we exceeded that by putting 2 teams out on a number of occasions. In year two we again put out two senior teams and we also started out first ever youth team, the under 16s. Though the under 16s did not get entered into a league, they did however play established opponents and went unbeaten all season until their last game away to Coventry Bears which was the only loss for the young Crusaders. We also had eight players from our under 16s team who went on to being selected for the London Origins squads.


By any standards this has been a successful first two years for the Crusaders. How did we do it? We have been extremely lucky in attracting a top coach in Colin Baker, however how did we get so much interest in our club. Well that was my job to get as much publicity for our club and we somehow needed to make a much more effort in my view than a established club and indeed an established sport. Before the club was even started I created a Twitter account and quickly gained hundreds then thousand of followers with the last count being 6590 followers, which is almost as much as a SuperLeague club. In addition to this the Crusaders Facebook page also has well over 200 Likes. Our website is almost always in the top 50 rugby league websites on Pitchero.


However its not just the social media we are relying on, I also ensure that we are given lots of publicity in the local papers as this is where you will be letting the locals know that your club has arrived and to keep them informed. I have also been successful in getting us in national rugby league publications such as League Express, Forty Twenty Magazine and Rugby Club Magazine. I meet lots of people and its always pleasing to hear how the Crusaders are doing from others.


In this day and age Social media is very important for promoting your club and getting more people involved in your clubs. Its a great way to engage with potential players, volunteers and sponsors as in this day and age the young people are all on twitter, Facebook and many other social media sites and these are the people that we need to engage. In addition you should be getting press releases out in the local newspapers, with all clubs there is always a story that  can be interesting whether its your club or members of your club that are the topic.

North Herts Crusaders Win The East Of England Championship

Rugby League in Hertfordshire


The above combined with being friendly and welcoming on both training and match nights, something i have written about before, Please see HERE,


So if you are in need of getting more people involved in your club in whatever capacity, then there is always something that you can do. I give you a few here as i believe in the future social media is becoming more and more important. However this does not mean that you do not use more traditional advertising like flyers or newspaper adverts. Try and do a bit of everything but ignore Social Media at your peril.