North Herts Crusaders Get Rugby League into Local Schools In Hertfordshire

Hitchin Boys School In the North Herts Crusaders Emerging Colleges Tournament

Hitchin Boys School In the North Herts Crusaders Emerging Colleges Tournament

The North Herts Crusaders under the guidance of Head coach Colin Baker along with the help of coaches Daniel Bendon and Robin French have been busy getting schools interested in rugby league with the aim of organising a emerging colleges tournament. The Crusaders coaches have been busy going around schools introducing players the greatest game.

Myself, being a founder of the North Herts Crusaders could have only dreamed of the success we have had in the last 2 years since our inception. In year one we ran 2 teams on a number of occasions and in  year 2 we had a huge number of players join us in the newly formed under 16s age group in addition to our 2 senior teams. Now on the cusp of our 3rd season we will be adding another junior team of which both will be playing in the London Junior Leagues. The teams will be under 17s and under 15s.

With the success of the schools coaching and the emerging colleges tournament we have every the new Crusaders Junior teams have every reason to be optimistic for the 2014.

Finalists Hitchin Boys School and Leventhorpe College

Finalists Hitchin Boys School and Leventhorpe College

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon we welcome four local schools down to Legends lane to take part in the emerging colleges tournament of which the winning team will go onto a regional colleges competition on 12th February.
The following teams bought players to take part in what turned out to be a hotly contested tournament with some real talent in all the teams on show.

1. Leventhorpe College (Sawbridgeworth)

2. Hitchin Boys School (Hitchin)

3. Samuel Whitbread (Shefford)

4. Knights Templar (Baldock)


Hitchin Boys 4-26 Leventhorpe

Hitchin Boys 22-0 Samuel Whitbread

Knights Templar 16-4 Samuel Whitbread

Leventhorpe 26-0 Knights Templar

Knights Templar 0-30 Hitchin Boys

With these results this left Leventhorpe and Hitchin Boys to contest the final. Throughout the day all the teams got the hang of what is a new game for them and none more so than Hitchin Boys. It was expected that Hitchin Boys would looking to exact revenge for their earlier defeat and we will see a close game that will go to the wire and that is what we got.

Leventhorpe College 6-4 Hitchin Boys



With just a conversion separating the teams it was a fitting end to a great day of rugby league and it was Leventhorpe that qualify and go through to the regional colleges finals on 12th February.

What we saw from all teams was a lot of raw talent that really enjoyed their day of playing rugby league of which many were playing their first ever game. This indeed bodes well for the future of the game within North Herts and the surrounding areas as we hope that they will come and play some rugby league during the summer.

With this successful tournament behind us we can look forward to the season ahead and particularly our two junior teams the Under 15s and Under 17s age groups of which many of the players on show today will be involved.

The Crusaders Junior preseason training will be on Saturday mornings and will begin on Saturday 1st February. Both teams will be entered into the London Junior leagues.

So tell your friends and lets get more people playing the greatest game. We are also looking for open age players of all abilities. Come and join a thriving sports club.